Blood Collection Tubes

GOSSELIN’s tubes are injected thanks to high-tech equipment that assures products compliance with laboratory uses. All our tubes are made in one piece in order to maximize resistance.


The GOSSELIN’s range is composed of round tubes in crystal polystyrene (PS) or highly shock-resistant polypropylene (PP). A special polypropylene (PP)  is used  for Z serum tubes.


Strength of GOSSELIN tubes:


  • ITS CLOSURES SYSTEMS: our closures are suitable for different uses of tubes and applications. That’s why we propose straight, winged, skirted or screw cap. All closures are vertically ribbed for their easier grab.


  • ITS RESISTANCE: Most of our tubes are designed to withstand centrifugation up to a maximum 3 000 G.


  • ITS PRODUCTS TRACEABILITY: thanks to the product label on each box which includes batch number, expiry date (if sterilization), we can retrace each production cycle.


  • All the materials used to manufacture the products comply with the European directives in force, especially the absence of heavy metals (EC n°1935/2004), the food compatibility and the EC marking relating to medical devices for in-vitro diagnostics (98/79/EC)