GOSSELIN manufactures different types of closures which fit easily on our tubes and for different uses. That’s why we propose straight, winged, skirted or screw cap. All closures are vertically ribbed for their easier grab.




  • Winged plug : Guarantee a total seal. The base of the plug is full, thereby preventing any retention of liquid when opening.


  • Straight cap :The plug is non-spill and has the same diameter as the tube, which facilitates use on a carrier and in a centrifuge.


  • Skirted plug : Helps to prevent contact with the contents of the tube when plugging and unplugging.


  • Screw cap : With a rapid screw thread, witch guarantees complete leak tightness and retains the cap during all handling: transport, centrifugation, storage…


  • Helps to prevent contact with the contents of the tube when screwing and unscrewing


  • Helps to prevent micro-projections when opening the tube.