1965 :  Foundation of the company Plastiques Gosselin by Pierre Gosselin (Pharmacist)

1980 : First manufacturing batches of Petri plates in Borre site

1986 :  First international products sales

1991 :  First manufacturing of bottles by extrusion blowing technology 

1995 : Automation of Petri plates packaging

1999 :  Construction of a ionisation unit

2000 : ISO 9001 certification version 2000

Construction of a dedicated site to Petri plates manufacturing in a clean room

2001 : Plastiques Gosselin is composed of 250 people on 18 000 m² covered

Buy out of Framoplast, main competitor of Plastiques Gosselin in France

2004 : New warehouse of 3 700 m²

IT logistic management set up

2005 : ERP set up : Proginov

The company counts 300 people on 21 500 m² covered

2006 : Launching of the Research and Development department (R&D)

2007 : Qualium Investissement reach the majority in the Plastiques Gosselin's capital. Improvement of the environmental conditions in the historical part of the production site

2009 : New logo, new identity of the Gosselin's company

ISO 9001 Certification version 2008

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration of the company

2010 : Launching of www.gosselin.eu version 3.0 of Gosselin's web site

2011 : Gosselin is acquired by North American firm Corning Incorporated and changes its logo and identity to become Gosselin a Corning Brand