Quality policy

The company’s quality policy is distributed to all members of staff by Management. It describes the general direction for the following period. The company policy for the 2010-2012 period is as follows :


"Gosselin will remain the European Leader in single use laboratory products. This will be achieved by continual improvement in meeting customer needs.

Despite ever present competition, the company must gain market share in a profitable manner.

To this end we are developing additional production sites which will follow the same demand of quality (very high) as the site at Borre. We will also concentrate our R&D on specific targeted projects.


We will further improve our service by listening more closely to end users and by improving efficiency in the management of internal flows :


  • Obtaining certification to ISO 13485
  • Introduction of the Borre site Quality system to the Blackburn site
  • Training and the control of management and responsibility at all levels to give increased staff flexibility and versatility
  • Functioning of R&D to be guided by customer need analyses
  • Improvement of financial and quality performance by increasing standardisation and the simplification of administrative and production processes. The start of the process which will lead the company to operate ac-cording to supply chain principles within two years.

Our strategy is based on the opening of new markets, the deployment of our resources outside our frontiers, continuous technical innovation and on quality. A strategy that must hold on to an ever fluctuating market, the outcome of which is to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes by having the vision to anticipate their future needs.”


Notre Politique Qualité