Extrusion blow moulding

Extrusion soufflage


The extrusion blow moulding is the combination of 2 technologies : The first step is the extrusion of an homogeneous plastic paste named « paraison » ; the second step is the blowing in order to give the final aspect to the bottle.


The 4 main steps :


  • Extrusion of a melted plastic tube


  • The blowing of the tube in a closed mould. The contact of the plastic with the mould permits to refresh the product


  • Ejection of the solidified item


  • Cutting of the excess plastic raw material all over the item


Extrusion soufflage






The extrusion tool is indeed a worm screw which allows plastic granules to move forward in the system. The extrusion tool is heating the raw material under pressure and create an homogeneous paste of melted plastic raw material.



The tube is cut in the blowing mould. The melted raw material is blown in the mould thanks to air injection. The refreshing system of the mould allow the solidification of the finish item.