All Gosselin products come with convenient traceability features such as labels with lot number and expiration date. These labels easily peel-off and can be placed in your laboratory notebook.

Ionization certificate

Ionization certificate

1.  Sterilization indicator : becomes red after sterilization

2.  Product information : reference, lot number

3.  Sterilization information : date, carton number

4.  Detachable certificate (for your records)

5.  Sterilization information remain on the carton














Product label

Product label

Product label on outside of each case clearly displays traceability information.


1.   Product description in multiple languages

2.   Product code

3.   Quantity per case and per inner pack

4.   Lot number

5.   Single use symbol

6.   Year, day, time of production and case number

7.   Expiration date

8.   Bar codes







Laser Traceability